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interactive tutorials

These lessons will not only teach you how to craft a one-page website through its core languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), but also, what it means to use these languages in unconventional ways to produce web demos.

interactive examples

Explore our starter packs of code snippets and examples you might find useful in building out your demos. You can edit and remix these to get a feel for how the code works. Double-click any piece of code that you’d like netnet to explain.

how to submit

All demos will be submitted through netnet.

To submit your demo, click netnet's face and say "hi!" and netnet will guide you through logging into GitHub and submitting to the demo gallery.


no frameworks. no limits.

at the core of any demoparty is virtuosity within restriction. in the old-skool days, crews had very limited machines and often pushed them to the limits to create audio and visual effects that are taken for granted today. BrowserFest's contemporary take on the hardware constraints of yore, includes a few rules--outlined below.

Browserfest Demos are single HTML pages (with vanilla CSS and JavaScript), submitted through netnet.studio.
instructions + attributions/shoutouts should be commented in the code.
Demos should be something you're proud of and want to share with the community && wwworld. There is no limit to how many demos you can submit.

in addition to these rules, all participants must adhere to the BrowserFest code of conduct. Our ultimate goal is to create a fun, experimental, and welcoming non-space-space for folx to play with web technologies (and win prizes)!